Sunday, October 19, 2008

Insanity Prevails

Well, I reactivated as a sub for our local school district. This falls into the category of "what are you thinking???" I'm thinking I need a little extra money for the holidays, especially in this economy. We'll see how it goes. Hubby says if it doesn't work out, I can always quit- again.

I haven't done as much, yet, for Halloween as I had hoped. Life just keeps happening around here. My mom came down and we went to the Neil Diamond concert earlier this week. We had a great time, too. My 78 yo mom is still one "Red Hot Mama!" During "Forever in Bluejeans," a man was walking by and mom stopped him and told him he couldn't leave during that song. So what does he do? He dances with mom and then at the end of the song gives her a huge kiss!! Way to go, Mom!! Hope I am as hot as you when I'm 78!!

As for the concert itself- it was fantastic. Neil Diamond certainly has a generous heart. He donated all the proceeds from merchandise sales at that concert to the Hurricane Ike Relief Fund. He also promised to make a matching donation. I feel less guilty about the money I spent, too. And here I was, gearing up for a rant about how the celebs haven't done a thing for Galveston, and Mr. Diamond goes and does this. Guess I'll save my rant for something else.

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